Skin Deep (2008)

Skin Deep is the famous album, there was published in 2008 by musician Buddy Guy. He is an American blues guitarist and singer. Buddy is very clever and talented person. During his life, he greatly influenced the development of music culture, and even in the modern representatives of art. He was a real mentor to many of us, and learns to love the work you are doing. His concerts arranged collected a full house. Artiste has lots of famous collection of songs, but special attention focuses on the album of 2008 year.

The Guy was inspired by a meeting with his white childhood friend. Another subject of inspiration was the mother phrase, who used to tell him that "beauty is only skin deep". Critics praised the work and saying, singer stay really cool and play in guitar like a crazy monster. All music lovers were satisfied with the appearance of new musical masterpiece musician, and soon perfect anthology received a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Blues songster.

The popularity of new collection rose to the heights and outperformed all other Albums. It's was success. It also debuted at number 1 on the Blues. This songster contain twelve romantic poems: "Best Damn Fool", "Every Time I Sing The Blues", "Out In The Woods", "Hammer And A Nail", "That's My Home", "Skin Deep", "Who's Gonna Fill Those Shoes", "Smell The Funk" and someone else great songs.

But those definitions songs make you think about life and reflect on moral values. Only hearken to these words, in a string and you will understand what is not understood before, will remember some details of your life. For this album have been used lots of personnel like Buddy Guy, Marc Franklin, David Grissom and another famous guitars, drummers and singers. So we can conclude that the project cost of many forces, but music was created for us, and these motives inspired.

This album means a lot to the author, since he was very influenced him as a person, and touched the memories of the past musician. Now we can listen this music and proud of them with all heart.

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