Living Proof (2010)

«Living Proof» is the most popular and highest charting album on 2010 for the fifty years Buddy Guy’s music career. It’s 26 in succession album that took the 46th place on the Billboard album chart and won Grammy Award for the «Best Contemporary Blues Album» in 2011. «Living Proof» (2010) is closely connected with its creator’s life so it can be called as autobiographical work because many of songs often address some facts of singer’s working musician days.
The work was released on 25th October 2010 and is characterized by following styles: American Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Regional Blues, Blues Rock and etc. By the way such styles were influenced and impressed rockers from Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton to Jimmy Hendrix and Rolling Stones. Release was co-written and produced by Tom Hambridge, who also plays drums on the record.

The 54 minutes creation consists of 12 songs starting with hot «74 Years Young» and finishing with making everybody to dance «Skanky». Buddy Guy’s album features a couple of collaborations. Emotional and thoughtful «Stay Around a Little Longer» was recorded in duet with genial bluesman B.B. King while melodious «Where the Blues Begins» is marked by participating of virtuoso musician and guitarist Carlos Santana. In «Living Proof» added backup chorus with singer and songwriter Bekka Bramlett.

Guy’s guitar sounds taut in «Thank Me Someday», belting out his pain of Guy’s early life. The last tracks include the lyrical «Everybody’s Got to Go», the funny «Let The Doorknob Hit Ya», and the improvisational «Guess What», on which Guy shows his excellent vocal. Through the completeness of «Living Proof», Buddy’s guitar surely holds center stage. For example on the final track «Skanky», Guy reveals the instrument in all its fury. The album differs from other works due to harsh rhythm of the guitar and louder sound. Being 74 years old he has recorded the best work of the 2010 year. Perfect live performance on the concerts proved Buddy Guy as one of the legendary modern Chicago blues pioneers.

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