Born To Play Guitar (2015)

Buddy Guy, also known as George Guy, is one of the greatest American singer and guitarist in blues style. He took 30th place in the list of guitarists of all time according to the famous prestigious magazine Rolling Stone. Future legend of blues began his career in the distant 1950s. He had come a long way of formation. Singer participated in groups such as Baton Rouge and worked with Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Koko Taylor and others. Star knows what the ups and downs in his career are. Nowadays musician is still popular among the elderly and young people. This may seem impossible, but now his discography includes nearly 70 compilations. And his last solo studio album is Born To Play Guitar (2015).

Album of blues singer was released on July 31st, 2015 by recording company RCA Records. This organization is a product of authoritative Sony Music Entertainment, which takes the second place from all American recording companies (after Columbia Records). The project was produced by musician, songwriter and singer genial Tom Hambridge. On the album’s cover Buddy Guy is shown, which is kissing his guitar. The collection of songs was recorded in the classic genre of blues and includes 14 original tracks. By the way, some sources write that the most of the songs in the album is not composed by Buddy. They were written by producer Tom and George is just a song performer. But this didn’t become a stumbling block, because all songs that Buddy Guy sing get his owns. It’s also interesting that 5 tracks from the collection were performed featuring others musicians too. Billy Gibbons, Kim Wilson, Joss Stone and Van Morrison are among them.

The project was at the forefront in the charts like Top Blues (the 1st) and Top Tastemaker (the 8th). Also Born To Play Guitar won a Grammy Award in the 2016 for Best Blues Album. Musician’s upcoming tour is planned for 46 concerts. Each concert will consist of old and new tracks, including compositions from the last project. Concerts will take place in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland and France.

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