Biography Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy (George Guy) , an American blues guitarist and singer, was born in 30th July 1936 in Lettsworth, Louisiana. In the age of 7 he made his firth guitar and tough himself to play. Since that time, he never stopped playing guitar. During early life as musician he was very shy and performed his songs with his back to listeners. In spite of this people loved to come and listen and he gained big auditory, who loved author’s songs very much. While working in one of clubs of Chicago, Muddy Waters discovered him and helped in finding work in 708 Club. From 1960s Guy began to record his music, in 2003 released the firth acoustic blues album. After creating two singles he began to work on album with the Chess Records and in 1967 issued his firth album Left My Blues in San Francisco.

Popular albums:

During the Buddy Guy’s tours his faithful fans followed him from town to town showing their true love to his music. During long tour dates he attended a lot of cities such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Philadelphia, others. During his life as a great musician he created a lot of unforgettable albums such as:

  • Blues Hit Big Town (1967)
  • Hold That Plane! (1969)
  • Drinkin' TNT 'n' Smokin' Dynamite(1974)
  • The Blues Giant (1981)
  • Bad Luck Boy (1983)
  • I Ain’t Got No Money (1989)
  • The Very Best of BuddyGuy (1992)
  • I Cry (1995), The Real Blues (1999)
  • The Millennium Collection: The Best of Buddy Guy (2001)
  • Blues Singer (2003), Skin Deep (2008)
  • Living Proof (2010), etc.
  • Buddy’s music differs from other guitar singers. His performances were unpredictable, when people came to listen to him from time to time; they always were surprised on his new performance of old songs. Blues starched a great impact to blues and rock-n-roll, gave a life for new generation of guitar singers. On December 2, 2012, Blues star was awarded the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors. On January 28, 2014, Guy was inducted into Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. His album Born to Play Guitar was nominated for Grammy Award in 2017 for Best Blues Album, so after that got Grammy Award four times. The Rolling Stones journal included him to the list of hundred best guitarist of the year on the 23th place. Now musician is a 79 years old man, but still full of power. Guitarist continues to create new songs performing them in different parts as of America either in other parts of the world. Artist began 2017 world tour visiting such cities like Hollywood FL, Clearwater FL, Atlanta GA, Charleston SC, Nashville TN, Grand Prairie TX, Houston TX, New Orleans LA, Brooklyn NY, Glasgow UK, London UK, Zurich Switzerland, Paris France, etc. People from the different parts of the world follow him and get tickets a long time before performances. Information about tickets and concert dates is available on Guy’s official website.